Asset Control - solutions for traceability


Asset Control are the market leader in asset traceability, which includes Asset Tagging, Auditing and Asset Management Software. We have established major clients in the following areas……

Accounting Banking Charities Education
Health Authorities Insurance IT Industry Legal
Pharmaceutical Supermarkets Utilities  

Our main areas:

  • 1) We design and manufacture Customised Asset Tags.
    [Please see the Asset Tags Section for further information.]
  • 2) We provide software that you can use to drive vital results.
    [Please see the Software Section for further information.]
  • 3) We can implement the project on your behalf.
    [Please see the Auditing Services Section for further information.]

What is an asset?

An asset is any piece of your company's property, which is not consumable. Examples include computers, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, office furniture, mobile phones, PDA's, cameras, tools, electrical appliances, warehouse and manufacturing equipment and machinery.

Why identify your assets with our Asset Tags?

Identifying your property, from computers & peripherals to office furniture and tools and warehouse equipment will help you to:

  • Control assets
  • Save money on Helpdesk costs through instant identification
  • Deter theft
  • Maintain a record of information for insurance and police purposes
  • Recover lost and stolen items
  • Prosecute criminal behaviour, which in turn may deter future theft.
  • Provide visual reminders of helpdesk numbers, safety test dates, if found numbers etc