We build great Mobile Applications to help meet your asset tracking needs. Our first customer, in 1999, needed a tracking system to count inventory on supply carts in hospitals – they also needed it to integrate into PeopleSoft. From there, we've built several mobile solutions to track assets and inventory to integrate with many existing enterprise-level systems.

CG4 offers an Enterprise Asset Tracking “Pass Through” Solution called CG4 Asset Track System (ATS) Enterprise Edition. Our Enterprise Edition software gives robust handheld functionality to handle your asset tracking needs in the field and then passes the information on the handheld through to your primary asset management systems such as HP’s Asset Manager AssetCenter, ServiceNow Asset Management System, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Asset Management System, legacy systems, or others.

CG4 also offers a “Stand Alone” Asset Tracking Solution called CG4 ATS Professional Edition. As a natural complimentary asset tracking product, we offer our own Asset Tracking System that functions as a stand-alone product. This product was built from the mobility side up and includes all the features used by large global Fortune 100 customers in a product that is scalable enough to help smaller organisations.

Our sole focus is to produce applications to help our customers get their work done in a more efficient and accurate manner. We will continue producing software and providing support for our customers to help them in their endless quest to have accurate tracking of their assets.

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