Asset Control - Auditing Services

Auditing Services

Companies who would like their assets controlling, and may not have the staff resources to carry out the project can benefit from our auditing services.

There are three levels of service:

Fitting Service Only

Tag or Label Fit

A simple tag fit service. Data will not be collected.

Fitting Service & Database Creation

1 Tag or label fit
2 Data Collection

Data collected can include: Tag Number, PC Name, Description, Make, Model, Serial Number, Location, Building, Floor Number, LAN ID, Socket Number and User Name.

3 Database Design

After the on-site audit work has been completed, the information is compiled into a database & sent out to the client in ASCII Format (a general format making it possible to upload into asset management, database & spreadsheet programmes).

Hardware & Software Auditing Services

1 Tag or Label Fit
2 Data Collection
3 Database Design
4 Hardware & Software Information Collection

The audit software collects the Hardware +/or Software data from the PCs. Audit disks are prepared by the Central Database program and used to perform the audit. When the Collection Program is executed, it will automatically produce audit data for the PC it is running on. When run it will record the main users name, department, location, telephone number and up to 6 further information of your choice.