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Asset Management Software


We provide a number of software tools, focusing on the areas of IT Asset Management (ITAM) , Software Asset Management (SAM) , Desktop Management and IT Security . Each tool has been selected for it's high level of competence.

SAMsoftware products help deliver solutions in the following areas:

  • IT Lifecycle Management
  • IT Inventory Management
  • Software Usage/Metering
  • Licence Compliance & Reconciliation
  • Software Deployment
  • Patch Management
  • IT Security
  • Helpdesk

SAM software screenshot - click to enlarge.
SAM software screenshot - click to enlarge


We provide a number of professional services to ensure that your project is successful, delivering rapid return on investment and real business value.

These services include:

  • Benchmark assessment
  • Counterfeit check
  • SAM training
  • Project planning
  • Project Management
  • Policy & process review, design and creation
  • High-level workshop training
  • Audit / asset management tool selection and performance review
  • Pilot audits
  • Audit data collection, analysis and management
  • Proof of ownership collection
  • Licence database entry
  • Verification / Reconciliation
  • Vendor management


We provide a unique Asset Inventory audit which can be combined with SAMsoftware to deliver a comprehensive register of the IT estate with the ability to incorporate accurate dynamic change controls.

Many companies keep a register of their computer assets in the form of a spreadsheet or simple database table. Any changes to the inventory are normally recorded on paper and the asset register is manually kept up-to-date. This method is well suited to simple assets that are not subject to a great deal of change during their lifecycle, such as a fleet of company cars. However, changes in the configuration of PCs and other desktop equipment are commonplace, especially in larger companies.

We provide IT infrastructure solutions to organisations of any size. Our processes, technologies and expertise have provided successful asset management solutions for a broad mix of customers across a wide variety of industry sectors.