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StrongCard & StrongCard Plus

StrongCard & StrongCard Plus specifications include

strongCard tags specifications

  • StrongCard tags have the look and functionality of a security tag.
  • They are applied easily, as you would a label and are difficult to remove.
  • Available in thicknesses from 300 - 900 micron (credit card thickness is 760 micron)
  • Exact pantone matching and 4 colour printing process is available.
  • Variable data protection.


Self adhesive plastic tag, using 3M's 468MP Hi Performance Adhesive for the backing.

StrongCard plus

This superior tag has all the features of the StrongCard. The plus being the enhanced adhesion quality using 3M's 9472LE Hi Strength Adhesive giving greater bonding power to the tagged item.

Tags & labels can come in many shapes and sizes and in many different colours. For exact unit costing please contact one of our sales team.